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The Felsenkirche, a church built into a natural niche in the rocks, rises high above the houses of Oberstein.
Wyrich IV. of Daun-Oberstein had it constructed in the years 1482-1484. Behind it, a wall of rocks rises steeply upwards; and under it, the houses of Oberstein nestle into the slope. On account of its prominent location, the church has become a symbol of the city. Where else is there a church that can only be entered through a tunnel which was dug into the rocks (1980-1981)?

The church's greatest treasure is the medieval winged altar. It was created around 1400 by an unknown painter, the "Master of the Mainz Mocking".

More works of art:
  • epitaph of Knight Phillip II of Daun-Oberstein, father of the church's builder, †1432
  • Sebastian painting, approx. 1570, depicting the family of the Count Sebastian of Daun-Oberstein-Falkenstein
  • Apostle paintings, 17th and 18th centuries
  • fragments of late Gothic glass windows, which were badly damaged by falling rocks in 1742
  • baptistery, from 1500
  • rock crystal crucifix
  • naturally-occuring agate cross from Brazil
  • Müller organ, 2002, built into the original Stumm organ's encasing. A small figure, the "Penitent", appears on the left hand side of the organ. It depicts the church's erector Wyrich according to the legend.
    Because of water inleakage the organ had to be dismounted. After a long time without the "king of instruments" it is currently being re-erected on the opposite gallery in order to permanently protect against further damage.
The viewing platform, newly opened in 2003, enables visitors to enjoy impressive views of Oberstein and of the Felsenkirche.

Opening Hours:

  • 15th of March to 31st of October, daily from 10am to 6pm
  • 1st to 15th of November, daily from 11am to 4pm
  • Sightseeing is not possible during weddings, services, and concerts. Please look for local announcements.
    If you are interested, in most cases you may attend the event, of course.
We invite all visitors to our services (for current schedule see Aktuelles):
  • Service for the Congregation from June to October every 3rd Sunday of the month, 10am
  • Christmas Eve 11pm


Adults: 2,00 €
Reduction for students, senior citizens, handicapped persons:
(appropriate id card required)
1,50 €
(at least 10 adults)
1,50 €
Children and adolescents:
(age 6 - 16)
0,50 €
Student groups: 0,50 €

Routes to the Felsenkirche:

  • stairs from the Markplatz Oberstein (market square)
  • stairs from the Hauptstraße, next to restaurant "Zum Alten Goten"
  • path downhill from Altes Schloss and Neues Schloss (castles), partially steep, with stairs
  • path starting at the end of Genossenschaftstraße, mainly even
All routes lead to the entrance of the tunnel leading to the Felsenkirche containing approx. 40 stairs.

Due to the special location of the Felsenkirche, there is no adequate route for cars or wheelchairs. Handicapped persons or persons with heart diseases should consider the efforts required to reach the church.


Slide Shows:

The Felsenkirche

Construction of the new Müller organ

Documentations (in German):

Wolfgang Poller
Rainer Müller
Die Ausstattung der neuen Felsenkirch-Orgel
Rolf Mertens
Orgelporträt der neuen Felsenkirch-Orgel
H. Peter Brandt
Die Geschichte der Felsenkirche
Max Rupp
Das Altarbild
Klaus-Eberhard Wild
Neue Erkenntnisse über die Herkunft des Obersteiner Altarbildes
Eberhard Zahn
Die Ausstattung
Eduard Finke
Die Sanierungsmaßnahmen im Jahre 1984
H. Peter Henn
Felssicherungsmaßnahmen im Bereich der Felsenkirche 1984

Anniversary "500 Years Felsenkirche Oberstein"  

Publication in the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Felsenkirche (in German)


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