Routes to the Felsenkirche:

stairs from the Markplatz Oberstein (market square)

stairs from the Hauptstraße, next to restaurant “Zum Alten Goten”

path downhill from Altes Schloss and Neues Schloss (castles), partially steep, with stairs

path starting at the end of Genossenschaftstraße, mainly even

All routes lead to the entrance of the tunnel leading to the Felsenkirche containing approx. 40 stairs.

Due to the special location of the Felsenkirche, there is no adequate route for cars or wheelchairs. Handicapped persons or persons with heart diseases should consider the efforts required to reach the church.

The church will remain closed until the end of 2020 because the rock has to be secured extensively.

According to a new expert opinion, the installation of the anchors with a length of five to six meters requires the drilling of appropriate boreholes.
There is a danger that stones or parts of the old shotcrete safety coating will come loose and fall down.

All paths around the Felsenkirche are closed, there is a very high risk of rockfall.